By Tamir

Once a year, the JCC hallway fills with synagogues form around the world, from Africa to Italy to space to deep under the sea. Once again, the PJA third graders have designed, built, and showcased their synagogues to anyone who walks through the JCC.

All of the third graders enjoyed the project. Liam, who made his synagogue entirely from Balsa wood, said “It was really interesting and fun to work with this project. If it wasn’t for my dad I wouldn’t have got it done.” Isabelle agreed, saying that, “It was probably one of the best projects I’ve ever done! It was really fun to make. My whole family kind of helped me out.”

Making the synagogues wasn’t the only thing the students enjoyed. Several said half the fun was looking at other people’s synagogues. “Yeah, I think it was a pretty fun project because it was fun to model off architecture of other synagogues,” said Sam.

When Morah Sharon, the third grade teacher, was asked what she thought of her students work, she answered: “Totally awesome. They were creative. They were all different. They did a lot of research, and they were very knowledgeable about the parts of the synagogue.”

I have to agree. The synagogues are pretty amazing. Here are some pictures: