Viggle: The American Way

Some apps sound so awesome. Most of the time, they are. They pay off. This one really does pay off. Viggle is an app that gets already TV savvy Americans to, well, watch more TV. It pays you to watch TV. While watching TV, you “check-in” to the program on your iPhone or iTouch using Viggle. Viggle then runs their program by listening to your TV. After a certain amount of TV watching, you rack up enough points to get prizes like gift cards to stores or restaurants. Some of these restaurants aren't very healthy, like Burger King.

This app is fattening the American public! Watching TV for hours and then getting your exercise by walking to your garage, getting in the car, and driving to a fast food joint? This is not good for a country that's number one is world obesity.

This is the complete opposite of Evernote, a note taking app.

By Solek