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Tributo a Mr. Mendel

Mr. Mendel me hiso reir muchas veces en estos pocos meses que estube en America. En Tecnologia me ayudo y muchas cosas aprendi. Cuando ayuda necesitaba, el siempre estaba. Un dia mi Mama me pregunto: “Donde aprendiste tantas cosas sobre tu computadora? Y yo respondi con mucha felicidad: “Aprendi todo en la clase de Mr. Mendel” Le deseo lo mejor a este gran maestro que es muy dificil de olvidar. Mr. Mendel que tengas una vida muy linda en tu nuevo trabajo.

Tribute to Mr. Mendel

Mr. Mendel made me laugh a lot of times in these few months I’ve been in America. In Technology he helped me with a lot of things I learned. When I needed help, he always was there to help me. One day my Mom asked me: “Where did you learn all that stuff about computers?” and I said proudly: “I learned everything in Mr. Mendel’s class.” I wish the best of the best to this great teacher that is really difficult to forget. Mr. Mendel I hope you have a great life in your new job.

by Andy

Tribute Mr. Romas
One of my favorite memories of Mr. Romas is when he was demonstrating the density of different liquids. Some teachers would teach it in a boring way, but not Mr. Romas. He took dish soap, honey, lamp oil and other liquids and poured the densest one into a big tall glass. Then he added the liquids in order of density until he had a multi colored vile filled with various liquids. It amazed me how instead of saying “This honey is _ dense” he did a whole presentation showing how different liquids could sit on top of each other without mixing. Thank you so much for all your time and effort, we will all miss you and we wish you the best for you and your future.

Tribute Mr. Romas

By Will

Mr. Romas is a good science and humaities teacher and we will all miss him dearly. He showed 6th grade all about the sub systems of the world. He showed the school last year and this year about his love for poetry. He went out of his way to get things for students to help them with their learning. Mr. Romas was a chill teacher who never held a grudge at students. He was fun to learn with and we will all miss him greatly. He was a great person to get to know.

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for all the wonderful memories I have of 3rd grade that wouldn’t have been possible without you. So many projects I’ve done a PJA were in 3rd grade, like the bridge project, and the synagogue project. 3rd grade was my second year at PJA and I remember how excited I was to have you and Dina. Thank you so much for everything. I hope you know how much you’ll be missed here at PJA and we all hope you the best in whatever you decide to do next.


Mr. Romas




Tribute to Mr. Kingsley

Mr. Kingsley is a great music teacher and we will all miss him a lot. Everybody liked his teaching style, and he was active and fun with us. He wasn’t boring at all! He made everything fun and he actually took the time to get to know you. He made jokes and was funny. When (and if) we were good in his class we would watch music videos on YouTube. Mr. Kingsley also always had different music to share with us, we were never only listening to classical music, or signing songs, but actually learning about the roots of music and how it works, in a fun and interesting way. Thank you Mr. Kingsley for being an awesome, and engaging, cool teacher.

mr mendel.
when i was a very young boy
i found myself in third grade
each day seemed like a struggle
doing work and memorizing.

it felt like dread, suffering
even though it is a silly thing to think
and the person who always brightened my day
was always mr noah mendel.

for a few years more i made it fine
seeing him here and there
but that wasn’t enough
but that wouldn’t do.

finally when sixth grade came
i was finally set
noah came back as mr mendel
finally back, finally back.

at first it seemed like he had changed
and i wanted the old noah back
but when newspaper class came
he was just the same guy.

it feels very nice to have him back
but there is one little problem
i am going to have to say goodbye
so that will be the end.

Tribute to Mr. Kinsley

Although Mr. Kingsley was only with us for one year, he has earned an everlasting place in our school memories. Throughout the entire year Mr. Kingsley has shown us how music can be fun and interesting, and that there is always more to learn. The Mr. Kingsley that we thought we knew at the beginning of the year has proved to be one of our most special teachers ever. Teaching music to six grades is no easy assignment, yet he has always delivered. As well as teaching classes, Mr. Kinsley has been a big part of special events and the school play’s beloved music. He has helped many students succeed when they didn’t think they could, and improved students’ skills with a variety of instruments. We will all miss Mr. Kingsley, and we hope he will come back to visit us at PJA.

Tributo a Mr. Romas

Mr. Romas es el mejor maestro de ciencias que tube en toda mi vida. Desde el primer dia que estube en America aprendi un millon de cosas de ciencia y imaginense lo que aprendi en 5 meses! Phew! Cuando no entendia un termino el me lo explicaba y me ayudaba a terminar todas mis tareas de ciencia y mucho mas. Cuando los chicos de 6to grado empezaron Español Melina, Anton y yo empezamos un tipo de Study Hall y todas las tareas que no entendia este super genio (Mr. Romas) me ayudo en todo. Le deseo lo mejor de lo mejor a este gran y super genio maestro.

Tribute to Mr. Romas

Mr. Romas is the best science teacher I had in my whole life. From the first day I’ve been in America I learned a million things and imagine in 5 months! Phew! When I didn’t know a word he explained it to me and he helped me to finish all my homework and a lot more. When the kids from 6th grade started Spanish Melina, Anton and I started some kind of Study Hall and all the homework that I didn’t get this super genius (Mr. Romas) helped me with everything. I wish the best of the best to this super genius teacher.

By Andy

Tribute to Mr.Monado

By Solek

Once a PJA Teacher Always a PJA Teacher

By Aedan

Mr. Mendel was one of the greatest teachers I have ever had and I am sure that is true for everyone else too. As you may or may not know, Mr. Mendel is the teacher that taught us everything we know about newspaper. He is the director\creator of the PJA School Newspaper. Mr. Mendel has been a very inspiring teacher to the whole school of PJA, especially the sixth grade. Mr. Mendel has taught us many valuable learning skills; he has taught us to be great students. Now it is your turn, Mr. Mendel, to be taught well. Mr. Mendel is going to a school in California.

I never knew that I would be making and posting articles for a school newspaper, and it is all because of Mr. Mendel. My teacher Mr. Mendel will never be forgotten by me and he will always be in a special part of my heart. Having a school without Mr. Mendel is unbearable. I wish he didn’t have to go to school but I respect his opinion and I am with him all the way. I know Mr. Mendel will be a great student like he was a teacher. Mr. Mendel has known our sixth grade class longer than any other class, which is an awesome experience knowing Mr. Mendel for four years. But I am a special case because I came here in fourth grade so I only knew Mr. Mendel for three years. Three years is long enough to have this awesome teacher make an impression on you. And hopefully I made a good impression on Mr. Mendel too. Mr. Mendel, WE WILL MISS YOU.


My Interview with Mr.Mendel

Tribute to Mr. Kingsley
Thank you for being a great new music teacher and in your first year, making music class enjoyable for everyone. You brought a whole new style of music into this school and we all loved that. You also spent a lot of time working with us to help us perfect the play and encouraging us to do our best. Some of my favorite memories were when we were in choir and we were all playing, singing and having a good time. You were a great addition to the staff at PJA and we will all miss you.

By Jonah

Mr. Kingsley was a very fun music teacher. He had a great sense of humor, knew how to use it, treated us like adults, and made interesting classes out of sometimes not the most interesting subject. He had a great system that encouraged us to behave, including a special kind of money and prizes. He made a great afterschool choir which attracted a lot of people, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Mr. Kingsley gave us some interesting projects, and if we were good, he rewarded us with old music videos. He didn’t just teach us how to read music, like most music teachers, but also how to write a good piece, music composition, the roots of music, and all different musicians and their history. We will all miss him, and wish him luck.

A Collection of Teacher PhotosBy Benjamin

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