Winter Back-Country Survival
By Tamir

Do you like field-trips? What about week-long field-trips? If you do, then you would love Taglit! There were many options for taglit, but the one I was in was called “Winter Back-country Survival”. The two teachers who went with us were Mr. Romas and Mar. Eden. Every day we went on a different hike. Monday there was no snow, but we went to the gorge and hiked seven miles near the Multnomah Falls. We ate lunch in a beautiful little clearing above the waterfall.

The second day, Tuesday, there was a lot of snow. We went and hiked near Large Mt. Crater, and we all had a huge snowball fight. After hiking on the groomed path for about an hour, we opted to trek off track down next to the stream, which was amazing. Making our own paths was very fun, and the obstacles like branches, roots, and stones made it difficult, tiring, but really fun.

Finally came the last trip. It was the main reason I chose Winter Back-Country Taglit. After days of waiting, and hours of packing, our group of seven set out for Mt. Hood. After an hour and a half, we started seeing snow, then fifteen minutes later, the large mountain we were about to climb loomed above us. I knew then and there this could be the last day of my regular life, and that my life would now change forever. As we got out of the car, and boldly set out for the path ahead of us, old memories and thoughts jumbled in my head, but most of all, all I could see was the treacherous path that would change my life. Then and there, courage flowed through my veins and I resolved I would climb it, no matter what the cost. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit.

So we walked up the hill to the cabin for a few hours, then panting, set our stuff down for a picture. Some of us went out to build a snow fort, while others of our group stayed in and sat next to the warm fire. We told some stories and jokes, but mostly just sat warming ourselves. Slowly, people started disappearing, going outside to see what everyone was talking about. There was a huge, very steep hill with few trees that people were sliding down, yelling. I had to try it out.

After a few hours, we were called in to dinner. We had our Mac n’ cheese, then sipped hot cocoa. That night was freezing, but we all survived, and after a little bit we set out back to our cars. Our trip was over.