The Before, After, and Present of Basketball

By Aedan and Will

The PJA middle school girls basketball team needs your support to win their last game against Forest Hill. The girls will be at Forest Hills at 4:00 pm for their final game of the season on Wednesday February 15th. So lend them your time, support, and cheers and go to Forest Hills for their final stand.

Emma, an 8th grader on the team, said she feels excited about their final game and she is positive they are going to win. Emma told us that she joined the team because playing basketball is fun. Emma said that the whole team bonds very well. We asked her if she thought practice would be hard or easy. Her response was that it is easy. Emma also told us that she plays and loves being point guard because she gets the ball a lot.

Molly, a 7th grader, and Melina, a 6th grader, said they both felt very excited about the final game, and that they will hopefully win. They both joined the basketball team because they love basketball.

The girls’ basketball team is doing pretty well considering that this is their first year.

Final Game Results:

Sadly the girl's lost their last game, but they ended up only having three players to play with. If they had all of their players they might have won. At the beginning of the game the girl's only had four people, and sadly Melina got a foul that wasn't even her fault. That last foul made it five, and in this league it's five fouls and you're out.


This is a guy who wasn’t the Carmelo Anthony of college, but now, everybody knows who he is. This man who went to Harvard was not drafted by an NBA franchise ... Signed as a free agent with the Golden State Warriors on July 21, 2010 ... Played in the 2010 Vegas Summer League with the Dallas Mavericks, appearing in all five games and averaging 9.8 points, 3.2 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.20 steals in 18.5 minutes ... In line to become the 42nd Ivy League player to appear in an NBA Game, and the first since 2002-03 (Chris Dudley and Matt Maloney)... and now we have the term Linsanity! How did this happen so quickly? Well, the Knicks star player, Iman Shumpert, got hurt, giving the mighty Jeremy Lin a chance. He took it, and reserved himself a start on that New York Knicks line-up.

Not everything has been coming up roses. One journalist, when the Knicks lost, called him a ‘’chink in the armor of his team’’, but after that, he proved the reporter wrong. He rose above the racist comment. The reporter? He was fired.

Ever since Lin has started, the Knicks have won 10 games straight, which is amazing for a guy nobody knew until a week ago.This 2011-12 season has been a major breakthrough for some players. But for Lin, he is almost at the point of all-star.


See Lin Play his Game: (Link Below)