Leaking in the School
By Ben
February 2012
If you have been into Ms. Wygant’s room, the middle school boy’s bathroom or right in front of the 1st and 2nd grade door, you have seen a leak. I, Ben, have gotten inside the case on how PJA is leaking. I have interviews and pictures of the leaks. Let’s start with the information.

I thought that the leak was coming from the pipes, but after my interviews, this leak is coming from the roof which is old and breaking. Students have been shocked to hear how long the roof has been leaking. “PJA has been leaking for over a year!” said one Kindergarten student.
When I was trying to get a photo of the front of 1st and 2nd grade classrooms, the water was dripping like crazy. I took me thirty seconds just to get a photo of where the leak was. But I got the photos and you can see them.

Please look at these photos of the leak:


I have interviewed a few people from the staff and a few students of PJA and asked them what is happening to this school. The conclusion is that people think that it is from the roof or the pipes.

Please look at this video mash up of the multiple reviews:

The leak will be fixed, but for how long will we have to wait?