He Shoots He Scores
By Aedan and Will
This season, PJA’s middle school basketball team let out a fire that many teams couldn’t overcome. There were two games in particular that fell into that category: when the Dragons won 75 to 13, and when the Dragons won a game 70 to 9!!!!!! Although the dragons didn’t make it to the playoffs they still let out many fires in uprising victories.

Sam, one of the team’s captains, joined the team because he loves to play basketball. He thought it would be easy, and to him eight laps, stretching and more was easy. I guess that is why he is team captain.

Zach, a great point guard on the team, said that he joined the basketball team because he likes basketball. He thinks basketball is awesome and he thought the team would go far. “At first our coach, Matan, pushed us hard through our practices.” Zach said that practice was pretty tough. “We bond as a team on and off the court," he added. Zach said that he worked for both the team and for himself. He said that you work for the team and for the dignity of yourself. He played shooting guard and point guard. His favorite play was Hafta’ah, because it got the team a lot of points. Zach thought the games were hard. He said that he would choose for the team to go to the playoffs if he could change one thing.

Avi, another very impressive point guard, said that people pressured him onto the team because he was already on two teams, so they knew he was good. He told the Pineapple that he thought practice was going to be easy, and for him apparently it was. He said that the team bonded together slightly. He worked mostly for the team and he liked being point guard. He didn’t have a favorite play. He told the Pineapple that if he could change one thing it would be to function more like a team.

One of the many characteristics to being a team is to bond as a team and that is just what they did. You also need to be able to work well with each other so you can work together in the games. Working together in the games is crucial to winning them. One important thing is that everyone needs to get along with the coach, and that is something that the Dragons did very well.