Recently, I submitted an article to Wikipedia explaining this website. (The Pineapple) By the time you read this, they may have accepted it, in which case, it would be on Wikipedia.

This is the article I submitted:

logo.jpg The Pineapple
The Pineapple is an online newspaper run by the 6th grade class at Potland Jewish Academy. The Pineapple was founded by the 6th grade class the year before. The teacher running the newspaper is Mr.Mendel, and with his class of fifteen, they edit and post articles about the news and developments at the school, and beyond. They also make songs, podcasts, photographs and videos, making the website a real fun experience. Most of all, it is the kids’ original work.

The website is updated nearly daily with new, free, articles, songs, interviews, or podcasts. I recommend listening to these childrens’ thoughts, and energy in their writing. Although it might not feature the daily news that you see on TV, you should still at least check out the newest adition to Portland Jewish Academy’s websites, The Pineapple.
Link to Pineapple:
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Here are screen shots of when I submitted the article: