Number Stories
by Hannah M.
In every class, numbers are used in some shape or form. Did you know that our school has a story in numbers? Schools are full of numbers. Schools need them, they appear everywhere.

· Stones surrounding playground: 209
· Number of lockers: 173
· Number of cubbies: 47
· Number of student computers: 26
· Number of red stairs to playground: 18
· Jewish lucky number: 18
· Estimated number of kids in this school: 220
· Estimated number of kids in Lincoln: 2,300

These numbers show us that we have a great school. This school has a good number of kids. We are really lucky to go here. We should be grateful.

Black Eyed Bieber

By Hannah G.

Portland Jewish Academy’s new newspaper, the Pineapple, took its first poll. The question was, “Justin Bieber or Black Eyed Peas?” After going around to all the middle school lunchrooms and taking the votes of 47 students and 2 teachers, we got these results:
43% of middle school students prefer Justin Bieber
57% prefer Black Eyed Peas
What happened to our school’s “Bieber Fever?”
We hope to have another poll soon!
Thanks for voting.

By Vivian and Hannah G

We asked a handful of PJA middle school students if they would rather have the super power of flying or turning invisible.
The most people said… INVISIBILITY!
64% wrote they would want to turn invisible
35% wrote they would want to fly