Dry Ingredients
· 2.5 cups of un-bleached white flour
· 2 Tea spoons of baking powder
· 0.5 table spoon of baking soda
· 1 Tea spoon of salt

2. Mix all dry ingredients together first!
3. Work in ¾ cup of butter in completely with hands.

Wet Ingredients
· 1 egg
· ¾ cups of milk

5. Mix wet and dry ingredients together.
6. Take the dough and out it on a floured surface. Put enough flour so dough doesn’t stick.
7. Gently roll dough into small balls.
8. Cut balls into quarters with a knife. X2. Stack quarters and smash them. X2. Roll out dough until its 0.5 inches thick. Use a cookie cutter to cut out biscuits. Then, put them on a baking sheet.-Repeat a few more times.

*Bake at 350 degrees until biscuits are golden brown.