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Some people may say that bowling isn’t a real sport and that it is just a hobby. Well I have something to say to that statement\opinion: I know that they are wrong. Bowling is more than just a hobby; it is also a sport. Just like many other sports, bowling does have fundamentals. I love to bowl and I am on a bowling league. From “Keep your hand straight,”“You need to walk in a straight direction”, “You are throwing it too heavy”, “You are throwing it too light,” to “Move over three boards,” you end up hearing it all.

You can have fun bowling at any time. Just ask your mom, dad, older siblings, or your family and they can take you bowling. Some people might say bowling isn’t a sport because it isn’t in the Olympics, but there are a lot of good sports that aren’t in the Olympics, like American football.

Even if you think bowling isn’t a sport, that’s okay because I am almost 100% sure that everyone that bowls will end-up thinking bowling is a fun hobby or sport. So just try bowling and if you don’t like it that is fine. I love bowling, and for me, it doesn’t matter if I get a good score or a bad score. Like many other games, the key to bowling is to have fun playing.
The link above shows a whole bowling website of tournaments and games. So if you want, check it out.
The link above shows some leagues and times.