Books, Books, and More Books!

Books, Books, and More Books
By Moses and Mason
The used book sale is coming up. The used book sale is an event where people from the community and school donate books and PJA sells them to raise money for the PJA library to purchase books and electronic resources. This will be happening on March 25th through March 27th at the MJCC. Rachel, a local middle schooler, described that the used book sale is “Where people from middle school and all school give their old books to PJA and PJA sells them.” [sic] She also said that she enjoys the Scholastic Book Fair over the used book sale—many people have different ideas on which they prefer.
Ms. Slater, the librarian and organizer of this book sale, agreed with Rachel. She said that it’s much less work to conduct the Scholastic Book Fair, but it raises less money than the used book sale. Ms. C.R, a humanities teacher, said she enjoys the used book sale more because it’s for older readers and it’s much less expensive. She buys many books from the sale, some to enjoy herself, and some to share in her classroom library.
Ms. Slater makes a competition each year. Every class has to bring in books, and the class with the most books wins an ice cream party. Second and third place receive different prizes. Second gets cookies and the leftover ice cream and third gets cookies. Rachel says that “Fourth or Seventh grade” will win. Mason believes that “Seventh grade will win but fifth has won many times in the past.” Moses, another middle schooler, doesn’t care who wins, because at PJA everyone’s a winner. Good sportsmanship Moses!