Welcome everyone, to the wiki of PJA's Newspaper, known affectionately as The Pineapple. The newspaper at PJA is a student-run, content-driven, and free source of information on developments at our school and in our community. Much like other media outlets, our newspaper is entirely online, and is updated continually with student work.

Do middle school reporters also live in a pineapple under the sea?

Decisions regarding the content our site are made largely by students. Over the course of the year, students choose to explore a variety of topics and formats, including traditional news articles, photographs, cartoons, polls, audio recording, videos, and more! Your computer will need Quick Time Player in order to view and listen to the audiovisual content featured on our site.

The Pineapple: not your average newspaper.

You'll find previous editions saved in our archives, which can be found here.The current edition is saved as links in the navigation bar on the right hand side of the page. To contact the staff adviser, Noah Mendel, with any questions or comments please email him at nmendel@PJAProud.org. Thanks for reading!

by Moses