Modern day Movies Compared to 1900’s Movies

By Will

Did you know that the movies we have today are much different from the movies they had 100 years ago? Take for example Electrocuting an Elephant, which is actual footage of killing an elephant. Made in 1903, it was footage of an elephant named Topsy being electrocuted with 6,600 volts. Topsy was an elephant used to build Luna Park on Coney Island. Topsy had accidentally killed three men, including a spectator who fed her a cigarette. It was Thomas Edison who performed this execution. At the time, Thomas Edison was purposely killing dogs and cats with AC electric power to show that it hurt more than his DC power. The whole movie is made with real footage, not filmed in studio. Wow isn’t it weird and terrible how somebody would make a movie about that?

This movie is very different than the action or comedies we have today. Even though the movies of the 1900s are different, they’re still good to watch as movies with pizzazz, except Electrocuting an Elephant, it’s too gruesome to watch. 1900s movies definitely have something that movies today don’t have.